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HTKBLS060   "Ben" - Mens Bracelet
HTBLT133   "Calvary 2" Bracelet
HTKBXX318   "Fellowship" - Mens Bracelet
HTBNZ039   "His Presence" - Mens Bracelet
HTCAT042   "I Will Always Love You" Cross Necklace (large)
HTCAT231   "I Will Always Love You" Necklace
HTBBB141   "Josiah" - Mens Bracelet
EF-SSR-100   "The Chariot"
EF-SSR-100-0002   "The Chariot" - 12 USA, 21.49mm
HTKBR094   "Thessalonian" - Mens Bracelet
TSJB02   'Floral Bag' Ring Box
TSJB01   'Treasure Sack' Ring Box
RM-ARCHG9   ‘Archangel Gabriel’ (6 x 9cm)
RM-ARCHG14   ‘Archangel Gabriel’ Icon (10 x 14cm)
RM-STCHI9   ‘Saint Christopher’ Icon (6 x 9cm)
RM-BAPT14   “The Baptism” Icon (10 x 14cm)
RM-BAPT9   “The Baptism” Icon (6 x 9cm)
EF-SBR859   316 Stainless Steel Bracelet - "His Stars"
EF-SBR862   316 Stainless Steel Bracelet - "Love one another"
SITEREVIEW   316 Treasures Review Page!
ABNLYO-NOT   50% OFF Mens Dog Tags - "FEAR NOT"
ABNLYO-MAN   50% OFF Mens Dog Tags - "MAN OF GOD"
925e-358546   925 Sterling Silver Angel Necklace
EF-1749   925 Sterling Silver Bracelet - "Angel"
EF-1750   925 Sterling Silver Bracelet - "Big Sister"
EF-2711   925 Sterling Silver Bracelet - "Love Mum"
EF-1748   925 Sterling Silver Bracelet - "Princess"
EF-JB590   925 Sterling Silver Cross Pendant
EF-JB907   925 Sterling Silver Cross Pendant
925PTRG009   925 Sterling Silver Greek Omega Ring
EF-JB1323   925 Sterling Silver Pendant - "Heart Cross"
EF-5392   925 Sterling Silver Pendant - "Special Mother"
EF-JB811   925 Sterling Silver Swan Pendant
EF-JB858   926 Sterling Silver Heart Pendant - "Love"
OBCND40   9ct Yellow Gold Anchor Chain
OBCB12   9ct Yellow Gold Box Chain
OBX-021   9ct Yellow Gold Crucifix - 'Believer'
OBX-023   9ct Yellow Gold Crucifix - 'Hosanna'
OBX-009   9ct Yellow Gold Solid Cross - 'Bethlehem'
OBX-019   9ct Yellow Gold Solid Cross - 'Honour'
OBX-018   9ct Yellow Gold Solid Cross -'Aquila'
OBX-017   9ct Yellow Gold Solid Cross with Flat Back - 'Galilean'
OBX-014   9ct Yellow Gold Solid Crucifix - 'Inheritance'
OBCT25   9ct Yellow Gold Trace Chain
OBX-022   9ct Yellow Gold Tube Cross - 'Compassion'
925e-17295   Angel Wings with Heart Pendant Necklace.
TSJB22   Baby Elephant Ring Box
JBETH-RO01   Bethlehem Holy Land Rosary - Wooden Cross
HTXRB034   Blue Channel-Set Eternity Band Ring w/ Gem Stones
TSJB23B   Blue Ring Box
HTVRR031   Calendar Triple-Spinner Ring w/ CZ
HTPBL027   Circle of Life Necklace
HTPMX442   Circle of Life Necklace II
CFCL3514-1   Cross Leather Bracelet
CFCL3514-2   Cross Leather Bracelet
CFCL3514-3   Cross Leather Bracelet
CFCL3514-4   Cross Leather Bracelet
CFCL3514-5   Cross Leather Bracelet
CFCL3514-6   Cross Leather Bracelet
CFCL3514-7   Cross Leather Bracelet
CFCL3514-9   Cross Leather Bracelet
HTPMX035   Cross Necklace - 'Jeremiah'
HTPLY789   Cross Pendant - 'Follow Me'
HTPLY798   Cross Pendant - 'Paul'
HTPLY764   Cross Pendant - 'Seek'
HTPLY791   Cross Pendant - 'Strength'
GT-PL75S   Desk Icon - Jesus the Saviour
GT-PL7533   Desk Icon - Virgin Mary and Christ
HTCAT352   Double Strand Cross Necklace (small)
HTZRO009   Dual Groove Ring
HTVRR052   Elegant Cross Ring
925PTPX187   Elegant Silver Necklace - 'Bartholomew'
HTXRB033   Eternity Band Ring w/ Gem Stones
HTBSW005   Eternity Bangle w/ Swarovski Crystal Gems
HTPPC111   Girl's Necklace - 'Circle of Love'
HTPBL228   Girl's Necklace - 'Triple Love Heart'
TSILE-CH-1671   Girl's Silver Earrings "Rainbow Flower"
925e-52595   Girl's Silver Stud Earrings - "Musical Angels"
TSILE-CH-1675   Girl's Silver Stud Earrings - "Pink Hanging Style Flowers"
EF-ESE17   Girl's Stud Earrings - 'Colourful Fairies'
EF-APS181   Girl's Stud Earrings - 'Giraffe'
EF-ESEGTR1   Girl's Stud Earrings - 'Green Turtle'
EF-ESGE24   Girl's Stud Earrings - 'Grey Elephant'
EF-ESE10   Girl's Stud Earrings - 'Monkey'
EF-ESE14   Girl's Stud Earrings - 'Pink / Blue Butterfly'
EF-APS183   Girl's Stud Earrings - 'Pink / Grey Elephant'
EF-ESPE24   Girl's Stud Earrings - 'Pink Elephant'
EF-ESE30   Girl's Stud Earrings - 'Pink Piglets'
EF-ESEY66   Girl's Stud Earrings - 'Yellow Duckling'
HTLRC471   Greek Key Ring - Romans 1:16
HTLRC540   Greek Key Spinner Ring - John 19:20
HTVRR337   Greek Key Spinning Band Ring - Romans 10:12
HTSRS012   Grooved Band Ring w/ CZ
HTCAT348   Heart and Cross: Double Necklace
HTPRS153   Heart Necklace - '
HTDPA457   Heart Necklace - 'Lydia'
HTDPA429   Heart Necklace - 'Mary'
HTNTG031   Heart Pendant
Donation-1   History of the World Timeline - A Biblical Perspective (PDF File)
BKOMBBB056   ICB Baby Bear Bible
BKOMPREC656   ICB Precious Moments Holy Bible - Blue Edition
BKOMPRINK318   ICB Princess Bible: PINK
CFCL3619-1   Jesus Leather Bracelet
TSJB017   Jewellery Box - Rings only
TSJB018   Jewellery Box for Earring/Pendant
SBKJB23B-2   Jewellery Box for Rings
925e-16821-4   Jewellery Satin Pouch
JBETH-BHE12   Jordan River Holy Water in a Glass Pendant
EF-JB2199/ESE29   Kids "Penguin" Adjustable Ring
EF-JB2199-ESE40   Kids "Blue Butterfly" Adjustable Ring
EF-RG-JB2199   Kids "Butterfly" Adjustable Ring
EF-JB772-E/5455   Kids "Cherry" Pendant
EF-JB2199/ESE10   Kids "Monkey" Adjustable Ring
EF-JB2199/ESE24   Kids "Pink Elephant" Adjustable Ring
EF-JB2199/ESE22   Kids "Pink Whale" Adjustable Ring
EF-JB2199-ESE75   Kids "Strawberry" Adjustable Ring
EF-JB773-E/5456   Kids "Strawberry" Pendant
EF-JB2199-ESE69   Kids "Teddy Bear" Adjustable Ring
EF-RG-JB2199-APS370   Kids 'Heart' Adjustable Ring
EF-JB778-E/5458   Kids Silver "Cloud & Lightning" Pendant
EF-JB776-E/5457   Kids Silver "Ice-cream" Pendant
EF-JB778-E/5459   Kids Silver "Umbrella" Pendant
BKOMNKJV236   King James Gift & Award Bible - WHITE
BKOMKJV792   KJV Pocket Bible
BKOMKJV395   KJV UltraSlim Bible - PINK
TSJB020   Lady Bug Ring Box
HWSSP-8841   Large Mens Carbon Fibre Steel Cross - 'Gabriel'
EF-E-SSE284-34   Large Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings
CFCL3619-2   Leather Bracelet - "Pray Hard"
CFIB515   Leather Bracelet - 'Believe'
CFIB514   Leather Bracelet - 'Butterfly'
CFIB708   Leather Bracelet - 'Eiffel Love'
HTFWL719   Leather Bracelet - 'Helper'
CFIB271   Leather Bracelet - 'Love'
CFIB710   Leather Bracelet - 'Pink Love'
HTFBK491   Leather Bracelet for Boys - 'Isaac'
HTBBF301   Leather Wristband - 'SHEM'
HTBBF072   Leather Wristband - Maltese Cross
HTBBF335   Leather Wristband - Triple Fleur De Lis Cross (Black)
HTBBL423   Leather Wristband - Triple Fleur De Lis Cross (Brown)
HTPLY344   Lord's Prayer Tag Pendant
HTPCR180   Lord's Prayer Tag Pendant - 'Hope'
HTPCR253   Lords Prayer Bear Pendant
HWSSP-101   Mens Carbon Fibre Steel Cross - 'Andrew'
EF-2524   Mens Cuff Style Bangle
ABNLYO-WAY   Mens Dog Tags - "THE WAY"
EF-1794   Mens Orthodox Cross Necklace
HWSSPL-4871GD   Mens Stainless Steel Cross - 'Cleopas'
HWSSPL-5517   Mens Stainless Steel Cross - 'Kingdom'
HWSSPL-4071   Mens Stainless Steel Cross - 'Peter'
HWSSPL-5610   Mens Stainless Steel Cross - 'Philip'
EF-5503   Mens Steel Cross Pendant - "Faith"
EF-SBB029   Mens Steel Pendant - "Colossians 1:11"
EF-SBB004   Mens Steel Pendant - "Proverbs 3:5"
EF-SBR282   Mens Steel Pendant - "Proverbs 9:10"
BKOMTEEN053   NKJV - Take Action Teen Bible
BKOMVELV953   NKJV - The Velveteen Bible
BKOMBUB180   NKJV Flower Button Bible
JBETH-BX023   Olive Wood Box - "Jerusalem"
JBETH-BX025   Olive Wood Box - "Noah's Ark"
JBETH-BX030   Olive Wood Box - "Tabgha - Loaves and Fishes"
JBETH-BX024   Olive Wood Box - "The Lord's Prayer"
JBETH-DC00102   Olive Wood Candle Holder - 'Cross and Dove'
JBETH-DC00119   Olive Wood Candle Holder - 'God Bless Our Home'
JBETH-DC00125   Olive Wood Candle Holder - 'Ten Commandments'
JBETH-DC00108   Olive Wood Candle Holder - 'The Lord's Prayer'
JBETH-DC045   Olive Wood Christmas - 'Nativity Scene'
JBETH-DC052   Olive Wood Christmas - 'Three Piece Nativity Scene'
JBETH-DC051   Olive Wood Christmas - 'Two Piece Nativity Scene'
JBETH-DC044   Olive Wood Christmas Ornament - 'Nativity Scene'
JBETH-BCR01M   Olive Wood Cross - "His Beauty"
JBETH-BCR08S   Olive Wood Cross - "The Jordan River"
JBETH-BCR02B   Olive Wood Cross - Made in the Holy Land
JBETH-BCR02   Olive Wood Cross with chord
JBETH-BCR05M   Olive Wood Cross with Holy Land Elements
JBETH-BDC024   Olive Wood Desk Gift - "The Ten Commandments"
JBETH-BX017   Olive Wood Keepsake Box - "Cross and Dove"
JBETH-BX10103L   Olive Wood Keepsake Box - "Dove of Peace"
JBETH-BMG060   Olive Wood Magnet - "The Lion and the Lamb"
JBETH-BMG064   Olive Wood Magnet - "The Lord is my Shepherd"
JBETH-BMG061   Olive Wood Magnet - "The Lord's Prayer"
IC-SAC-K40   Olive Wood Rosary (Large)
IC-SAC-K38   Olive Wood Rosary (Small)
JBETH-RO02   Olive Wood Rosary - Pewter Cross
TSJB003Y   Orange Cowboy Hat Ring Box
HTUPK141   Prayer Book Pendant
HTPRB016   Quad Groove Edge Ring
TSJB003P   Red Cowboy Hat Ring Box
TSJB23R   Red Ring Box
HTHBA505   Rosary Bracelet - 'Praise'
HTHBA501   Rosary Bracelet - 'Prayer'
JBETH-BX032   Round Olive Wood Box (Small) - "Bethlehem"
JBETH-BX039   Round Olive Wood Box (small) - "Jerusalem"
JBETH-BX045   Round Olive Wood Box (small) - "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem"
JBETH-BX043   Round Olive Wood Box (small) - "The Last Supper"
JBETH-BX042   Round Olive Wood Box (small) - "The Lord's Prayer"

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